27 April 2013

RGHS Retro Society

Inspired by the past. 

Retro celebrates all of the fashion, movies and books of the past because we believe
that only a sound understanding of the past can help us understand the present and interpret the future.

And let's face it, we all know that history repeats itself.
So, why not be ahead of the times and learn from the past? 

Vive La Retro et Vive Le Passé!

The Retro Committee of 2014-2015


Head: Jarita Kassen

Deputy-Head: Aaliyah Vayej

Committee Members (From left to right ):

Katherine Davidson
Neeta Chavda
Athraa Fakier
Aaliyah Vayej (Deputy-Head)
Jarita Kassen (Head)
Ameena Mahatey
Kauthar Achmat
Natalie Davidson


The Retro Committee of 2013-2014

From Left: Katherine Davidson, Tumi Moloto, Yi-Tin Michelle Yuan (Head), Aaliyah Vayej, Nuzhah Jacobs (Deputy-Head), Kauthar Achmat, Stéphanie Pereira, Jarita Kassen

The Retro Committee of 2012-2013

From left: Yi-Shin Jennifer Yuan, Nuzhah Jacobs, Yi-Tin Michelle Yuan (Deputy-Head), Oriana Esau (Head), Lauren Wilson
Absent: Corne Odendal

Blog layout and design: Nuzhah Jacobs 
Photographer of header: Tanri Lisinda De Lange